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Community Association Map: Processing Inter-community relationships

Carvalho, D.B.F.; Fuks, H.; Lucena, C.J.P. Community Association Map: Processing Inter-community relationships. Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies , pp. 665-670. Porto, Portugal: WEBIST, 2012.
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Temas: Sistemas de Comunicação, Web


Abstract: The use of modern communication technology like the Internet brings a new perspective for the study of society. Following this paradigm shift, this paper presents a process to help in the analysis of social media available on the Internet, specially the analysis focused in the online community?s content. The process goal is to reveal the interests of users through a map of associated communities. The user membership is utilized to establish the relationship among communities. This map shows the interests of members in other communities. An example illustrates the application of the process. A discussion about the opportunities and drawbacks of the process usage is also presented.