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Blogics! is a logic circuit simulation software in which logic gates, wires, sensors and actuators are created and manipulated as moving blocks, as to make the interaction easier for users from different areas other than STEM, such as designers and artists as well as beginners in Electronics, such as first year Computer Engineering students.

Blogics! was made with Java and you'll need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in order to run Blogics! See how to install the JRE in your PC. (JRE download link)

This is an open-source project, so feel free to dig into the code.

The project's website can be found here.

Blogics! received the
I Oscar Niemeyer Award for Scientific and Technologic Work

If you want to use Blogics! with your students, you can use these presentation (Powerpoint) as an example to prepare your lecture.

Here is another presentation that introduces the fundamental of Blogics!

- Eduardo Velloso
- Denise Filippo
- Hugo Fuks

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