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Introduction to Engineering

Since 2011, PUC-Rio has been offering an introductory engineering course in which freshmen prototype tangibles. Our learning strategy includes a systematic approach for creating wearables and tangibles in the classroom that promotes collaborative prototyping, thus fostering innovation in this way. The use of a collaborative prototyping approach aims to provide the student with a meaningful experience through doing, and to promote student/student and teacher/student collaboration.

Prototyping experience is full of learning opportunities and is also the essence of innovative organizations. During the course, students work in teams building prototypes, as the ones shown in the following videos. The final challenge of each group is to create a high fidelity prototype of a game. Combining both, form (hardware) and behavior (software), students have a meaningful experience through constructing and playing with a fully functional prototype.

First Project: a wearable piano



Sweet Child o'Mine

HP Tune